Workshops & Retreats

Youth Centered Yoga

Dr. Marcelle Haddix, the zenG, offers yoga and mindfulness classes for youth in schools and community spaces.  Classes focus on breathing techniques, meditation, movement, and relaxation.  She incorporates writing exercises, poetry and literature readings, and youth centered music playlists.  These workshops are ideal for youth centered schools and organizations committed to encouraging and supporting positive health and wellness practices for the next generation.

Yoga for Educators, Caregivers, and Community Organizers

“We can’t care for others if we don’t care for ourselves first.”  People who work in service professions—teachers, educators, social workers, nurses, community organizers—are often the last ones to practice self-care and restoration.  Dr. Marcelle Haddix is available to provide workshops tailored to your professional or community organization that focus on relaxation, relieving stress, and learning self-care techniques for coping with challenging yet rewarding positions.

Yoga for Change

Do you need a change in your life?  Do you want to be a change in your community?  In this two hour workshop, zenG leads participants in a series of yoga, meditation, and writing exercises inspired by the spirit of love, liberation, and social movement imbued by the women, men, and children of the revolution.   The theme of change carries through each inhalation and exhalation, each yoga pose, and each writing reflection as participants are enveloped by music, words, and images reflecting social activism and change.

Sistacircles: For Women of Color

Dr. Marcelle Haddix, aka zenG, offers workshop and retreat experiences focused on deep self-reflection and community connection for women of color. Sistacircles center the theme of radical self-care and healing and emphasize what it means for women of color to take care of their spiritual, mental, and physical selves.  Sistacircle retreats incorporate breath work, spiritual meditations, restorative yoga, soulful movement, reflective writing, collective sharing, and the rhythm and poetic voices of Black women writers, artists, and musicians.

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